Word reference


[topic] The specific concern of the content. Starbucks
[subject] The broader area encompassing [topic]. Coffee
[definition of topic] The context of [topic]. Famous American coffee shop with thousands of locations worldwide.
[desirable outcome] What your audience wishes to achieve. A warm creamy coffee to get you moving in the morning.
[pain point] A problem your audience faces in relation to [topic] It is difficult and time consuming to make a good coffee at home.
[keyword] A word or phrase commonly associated with [topic] Lactose free soy latte
[point] A case you present as a solution or explanation of [topic] Caffiene makes you productive
[popular opinion] A highly prevelant way of thinking about [topic] many people believe coffee shouldn't be consumed after 2pm.
[reason] The explanation for something occurring. this is becasue too much coffee can effect your sleep.
[x] A number. 8
[well known resource] A respected source of information. Good Food Guide
[target market] Who the audience are or want to be. Coffee drinkers.
[take this action] What you are advising the reader to do. Stop in at Starbucks on the way to work.
[action taken] Something that's already been done Slept through an alarm.
[barrier to solution] An obstacle obstructing an objective. Not having enough money in the budget.
[negative] Something bad. eg: "annoyed" or "frustrated" or "angry"
[positive] Something good. eg "happy" or "confident" or "wonderful".
[niche] A specific segment of the market. Fast Takeaway Coffee
[measure of time] A period on a timeline from A to B. eg "minutes" or "months" or "years".

News Article

[who] Main person / people involved. Elon Musk
[what] The event that has happened. Intends to acquire Twitter
[when] The time it took place. Yesterday evening
[where] Location of the story. Austin, Texas
[why] Reasons underpinning the occurence. Beleives it has lost its way
[situation] The overall set of circumstances. Recent trends in Twitter policing suggests free speech is decreasing
[topic expert] Person with credentials in the area. Mark Zuckerberg
[status] Current state of the situation. Offer is under consideration
[impact] Effect it is having. Share price of Twitter is volatile
[potential occurence] Something that may happen Twitter recieving a total overhaul
[short quote] Snippet of statement or comment. "I am inspired by curiosity."


[product] Name of the Product Samsung Galaxy
[level of difficulty] The measure of how hard something is to do. very challenging / hard / impossible
[procrastination excuse] Activity used as distraction from productivity Flicking mindlessly through Facebook feed
[benefit] Good thing arising from outcome Discounted price
[function] Process creating expected outcome social media strategy

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