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"This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for all these years. I tried all the AI Writers and screenscrapers and they all just gave me a mash up of low quality content. ContentFlame lets ME control the content while still saving me 90% of time."
Natalie Forest


"My colleagues at work are stunned at how much quality content I can create that is also consistent with our brand messaging. Fair to say I will be keeping ContentFlame my little SECRET!"
Nina Cruz

Content Marketing Manager

"So many clients can't envisage their website during the development phase when it's full of 'Lorem Ipsom' placeholder text. But I use ContentFlame as the text instead - and it blows my clients away. They even keep what I've supplied and pay extra for the copy writing service. Now it''s part of my upsell."
Mike Silverwood

Web Developer

"As far as SEO goes, ContentFlame has totally changed how I approach content creation. The reuseable structures mean I can create variations on posts for different clients within a different niche. With the Google Helpful Content algorithm update, I predict ContentFlame will be every SEO Agency's new best friend. "
Harry Kay

SEO Specialist

"A MUST HAVE for Startups who want to save money, time and get themselves to market FAST. It was so scary thinking of all the writing I needed to do. But, the templates provided the perfect base for me to quickly create all the content I needed accross all my touchpoints. Will continue to use going forward."
Kelly Gleeson

Startup Founder

"AI writing tools never helped me with learning to write English content. People could still sense English was my second language. I started to use ContentFlame instead and my clients all complimented me on how amazing my English writing skills had suddenly become."
Bidita De Silva

Freelance Writer

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