Proven high conversion structures

ContentFlame produces high conversion content based on proven reusable structures that are used by leading marketers. All you need to do is fill in some basic inputs that will provide contextual definition around your content. Then publish and watch your traffic boom. Our broad range of content types mean you can always find a variety of ways to convert visitors into customers.

Click magnets

Part of conversion, is getting the visitor to your content in the first place.

Titles are the most influential factor that determines whether a user decides to engage with the content. It is the label given to describe the content and the expectations on reward for spending time on it. Users make a judgement about whether to consume the rest of the content based on the title.

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Our title generator can provide thousands of suggestions based on topic and subject inputs.

For example, using the topic purring and the subject cats:

  1. Unusual Reasons Why Purring Might Be Good For Cats
  2. 5 Things Purring Can Tell You About Cats
  3. How To Understand Cats And Purring
  4. Ultimate Guide To Purring And Cats
  5. Why Purring Is Gaining Popularity With Cats
  6. Here’s A Quick Way To Tell Why Your Cat Is Purring
  7. 23 Little Known Facts About Purring And Cats
  8. The Huge Rise Of Purring And What It Means For Cats
  9. What Everyone Should Know About Purring And Cats
  10. Shocking Things To Know About Purring And Cats

Ask yourself, which one would you click?

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