Engaging language

Getting visitors on your site is one thing, but getting them fully engaged with your messaging is an even bigger challenge. Our reasearch into content marketing revealed that certain types of language have much higher conversion rates than others.

Positivity wins

Voice helps the reader determine an identity of the author, reflects their persona and enhances the way the reader percieves the information. When voice and structure unite, they have a powerful impact on the reader, and a stronger message can be converyed.

The primary voices focused on by ContentFlame:

  • Authoritative
  • Motivational
  • Promotional
  • Empowering
  • Inpiring
  • Confident

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What’s the difference?

Below is the same message conveyed in a different style each time:


“To increase the chances of your blog post being read, the starting paragraph must hook the reader."


“Don’t be afraid, you have the tools you need to also write complelling first paragraphs with ContentFlame."


“If you are looking to increase blog traffic, you must consider using ContentFlame."


“The first paragraph is the tool that you can exploit strategically to entice readers into your website."


“Once you have learned to hook readers with your opening paragraph, people will begin to flock to your blog."


“We are the experts at hooking readers in with captivating first paragraphs."

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