Create reusable snippets

Our kit provides you with a huge library of proven snippets for your content. But, you can also create and save your own reusable snippets. You can add your own collection of phrases and content types that cater to your own style. Shape your own structures and eliminate inefficient, and repetitive writing.

Snippet input

ContentFlame Inputs are what give the repeatable content structures context. A user enters these into the app and the content will populate a post with these inputs. Different inputs are required for different content types.

The basic two inputs that generate content are:

  1. topic
  2. subject

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Powerful snippets

These snippets are key to bringing your post together. They are proven types of content blocks that insert your topic and subject inputs, then produce highly engaging phrases. This obviously saves you loads of times, all while strategically enhancing the reading experience of the post.

Examples of these snippets from our library include:

  • Attention hook
  • Creative grab
  • Make a promise
  • Empower
  • Rhetoric
  • Authority
  • Mystery
  • Solidify
  • Get reader cozy
  • Prepare
  • This is why
  • Finally
  • Summary
  • Reinforce learnings
  • Wrap it up
  • Parting question
  • Action moving forward
  • Regather attention
  • Invitation for feedback
  • Encourage next article

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