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Warning! Is Your Blog Content Optimised for Skim Reading?

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Did you just get here? Stick your nose into this. In a few moments time, you will change the way you think about skim reading. Boss your next meeting when dealing with blog posts.

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Keeping skim reading simple

It’s no surprise that skim reading is currently a very topical issue in relation to blog posts.

Why is it so important to understand anything about this? Before going any further, we need to fully understand what skim reading actually is.

Skim reading involves a reader scanning their eyes over a written piece of content without reading every word, while aiming to identify the main message in a short time.

Have that front of mind when you consider the points that follow in this post.

The reason that headings help is because a heading provides a structural indexing of you blog post content.

Know more about skim reading

Our expertise is your gain. The intriguing nature of skim reading will have you captivated. Those who work hard at improving their skim reading wisdom are the ones who get ahead.

Direct all thoughts you have to skim reading and block out everything else. What words can you think of that best describe skim reading.

Quickly scrolling down the phone while a reader is in a rush is a common skim reading situation. So is trying to find a quick answer when a reader doesn’t have time to examine the full piece of content. So, how do you make a blog post more friendly for those skim readers out there?

Now that you have done some self-examination, you can begin to absorb new material.

Take your time going through the next part to increase your level of understanding. Steer yourself towards this.

Must use headings

First thing to consider is this.

Once you can break your text up with headings, then you can allow for readers to skim through your content with ease.

The reason that this helps is that a heading provides a structural indexing of your blog post content. In this context, it is then easy for a reader to identify both what your content is about, and also which parts they wish to read more closely.

Now you have your first insight. Next we’ll add this to our foundation of knowledge about skim reading.

Shorter paragraphs better

It’s clear that a shorter paragraph is more enticing than a long one when deciding to read content, especially online. It is extremely important to ensure you don’t include long-winded slabs of text when creating your blog content.

Always remember that a break in your text is a rest for your reader, and should be inserted every 3-4 sentences.

Your knowledge in the area should now be expanding. Let’s continue to supercharge your knowledge.

Use bold and italics for impact

If you think that bold and italic text highlights important points, then you should use it in your content to help your skim readers. From time to time, a reader will be turned off if all the text styling is the same.

Make an effort to add styles to text that conveys key parts of your message if you want to please all the skim readers out there. That rounds out another point.

Seeing skim reading from these angles gives you an insight into the complexities of the subject. It’s evident why there is so much interest stemming from this topic.

Future for skim reading?

And so we finish on that note. This information is now planted in your brain and can be used moving forward.

Holding onto these points will help you succeed in this area.

Be sure to remind yourself about the main points you’ve read. Let’s leave some room for further analysis at a later stage. Extending your knowledge base makes you a winner.

What will unfold next for skim reading? In due time, this will be known. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments.

That’s all for now from us.

Last piece of business. We are open to finding out your own viewpoint on skim reading too, of course. And hunt for more information by exploring our other articles.

Crafted in 4 mins 29 secs using ContentFlame

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