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Clever Alternatives To AI Generated Content For Writing Super Fast Blog Posts

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AI Content Writing Tools have become popular amoung creators looking to do zero work. However, with Search Engines getting smarter thanks to the latest Google Helpful Content update, content creators are now hunting for alternatives. Let's answer a few of the key questions below.

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What are content automation tools?

Content automation refers to the process where your content marketing strategy is implemented using various creation and scheduling tools online.

For example, you may use an AI generated content creator such as Jasper AI to create the blog article, and then use Hootsuite to schedule some social media posts that then promote that same blog post. The idea is that the process is kept as hands off as possible.

What are AI tools for content writing?

AI tools for content writing are a very new offering. They claim to leverage the power of machine learning in order to assist blog writers introducing their content without having to write any of the words themselves. Some examples of AI tools include, Write Sonic, Closer Copy, Phrase and Jarvis AI.

How do you write online content fast?

Despite what AI content generators claim, there are many setbacks to using AI generated content as your primary production tool. People are obviously drawn to them as it helps create the content very fast.

However, the quality and messaging often leads to the author needing to spend hours editing the AI content that the generator produces. An alternative to AI generated content, is using fill the gap type templates, such as what is offered on ContentFlame. This allows you to both retain your original messaging and also complete the blog post superfast.

How do amateur writers make money?

Amateur writers make money by providing copy to clients online. Some will have their own list of clients that they built over time, and some will use crowdsourcing marketplaces such as Fiverr to win jobs. Some amateur writers also run their own blogs, and often generate income via affiliate marketing and Google Ads.

How do you write a 500-word blog?

A 500-word blog post is one of the core skills required for content creators who wish to focus on writing blogs in their service offering. A 500-word Blog follows a very simple structure.

It begins with a hook, designed to draw the reader in. Then an introduction will follow, which may outline a pain point which the reader might have. A good post will also put its own topic into the correct context, or define what part of a topic they are exclusively referring to in the post. Then the body content will include the main messaging and points that the author will raise in the post.

Finally, a post should always have a neat summary, conclusion and a call to action for the reader to move to the next part of the journey.

How much does a 500-word blog cost?

A 500-word Blog can range from a couple of Dollars to a couple of $100, depending on who writes the blog and what their experience levels and quality. When starting out, it is best to charge a very low amount in order to build up your clientele and also your portfolio, with which your future clients will want to see before engaging you for future work.

How do you write a blog in 5 minutes?

Unless you are a superfast typer when it comes to writing your blog, it is almost impossible to produce a blog in 5-minutes.

However, many savvy bloggers are now using tools such as ContentFlame and their Google doc blog templates to complete their writing tasks in 5-minutes for their clients. Often this includes leveraging the power of reusable snippets, powerful proven structures and fill the blanks style editing.

How can we write fast?

To write fast, you can either continually practice your typing every day or start doing what smart bloggers do and use tools like ContentFlame to produce content quicker.

All we know is that AI writing tools are not the answer.

Crafted in 4 mins 54 secs using ContentFlame

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Clever Alternatives To AI Generated Content For Writing Super Fast Blog Posts

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